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What happens when cat-haters volunteer at a cat adoption cafe?

How many people who say they hate cats just don’t know cats?

A while ago, Buzzfeed sent two self-professed cat haters to volunteer at a cat adoption cafe. I give you one guess what happened: Each of them fell in love with a cat. This emotional transformation demonstrated the power specifically of the cat, of course, but also of something else, and that’s the reason I’m writing about this.

If you watch this video, what you’ll see is the birth of the intense bond that exists between people and pets. It was unexpected. It was probably unwanted. And it was undeniable. It actually made the hairs on my arm stand up.

Spend a few minutes getting to know these two people and the cats who changed their whole view of the feline species. I guarantee you’ll be as moved as I was!


Oh, and because some people think anyone who shares a Buzzfeed video is doing it for money, I have no relationship with Buzzfeed at all. I just shared this video because I loved it.