Guess QT Pi Becker's breeds and win prizes for you and your favorite animal organization! - Dr. Marty Becker


Guess QT Pi Becker’s breeds and win prizes for you and your favorite animal organization!

Tuesday, Oct 18th, 2016 | By Dr. Marty Becker

UPDATE: Entries are now closed!

Have you ever wondered what breeds went into the making of our sweet little distemper survivor shelter puppy, QT Pi Becker? So did we, so we purchased a Wisdom Panel test to find out.

QT Pi thought it would be fun to make it a guessing contest, and we never deny him anything… so here it is!

First, look at his Facebook page photos and videos to get a look at him from all angles and at all ages. Here’s a sample:

     QTBankyCrop     QTBedroom

Next, take a look at his mother, Mercy, (left) and surviving littermates (two of his precious brothers did not survive distemper):

mercy     QTlittermate3     QTlittermate2

Now, email me at with your guess about what breeds he is. Here’s a hint:

While one sturdy branch of his ancestry is All American Mutt, there are four major pure breeds, too. Those are the four you’re shooting for.

We’ll take the entries that get the highest number of correct guesses, and randomly select one grand prize winner, who will receive:

  • A “Cutie Pie” coffee mug
  • 10 of my books, signed by me and with QT Pi’s “pawtograph”
  • 1 Wisdom Panel DNA test for you to use on your own dog, or give to a friend
  • A $100 donation to the U.S. or Canadian nonprofit shelter or rescue group of your choice
  • We’ll feature an available pet from that adoption group on both QT Pi’s and my Facebook pages until they are adopted.
  • We’ll also purchase a Wisdom test to be used for the homeless pet (if a dog) either by the shelter/rescue organization or given to the adopter, or donated to the adoption group if the featured pet is not a dog

We’ll accept guesses starting at 8 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, Oct. 18, and ending at until noon Eastern Time on Monday, Oct. 24.

I will notify the winner via email no later than 4 PM Eastern that same day. If the winner does not respond to the email within 24 hours, we’ll select a new winner, and continue until we have one.

QT Pi and I will announce the big reveal of his breed mix, the winner, and the winning animal organization on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016, at 6 PM Pacific Time in a live streaming video on my Facebook page.

We’ll be joined by Dr. Angela Hughes, Veterinary Geneticist from Mars Veterinary, the parent company of Wisdom Panel, to answer your general questions about genetics and breed testing, as well as the tests done on both QT Pi and his mother. Then QT Pi and I will hang out with you a little longer (well, I will — I suspect our little guy will be off working at one of his many important jobs) and answer as many of your questions as “we” can.

Members of the Wisdom Panel team will also answer your questions in the comments on the livestream post, and help direct you to someone who can assist you with questions about your own dog’s specific test results.

Time to start guessing!

Please note: Teresa and I purchased QT Pi’s Wisdom Panel test ourselves, and we will purchase the two that will be given as prizes. We’re doing this just for fun, and Dr. Hughes and Wisdom Panel are participating for fun, too — this is not a sponsored contest, and I have no commercial relationship with Mars or Wisdom Panel. However, in order to satisfy our curiosity, Wisdom Panel did purchase the test used on QT Pi’s mother, Mercy.