Found torn apart from a dog fight, sweet dog has been waiting 2 years for a home - Dr. Marty Becker


Found torn apart from a dog fight, sweet dog has been waiting 2 years for a home

Sunday, Oct 2nd, 2016 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Charity almost didn’t survive what were probably injuries sustained in a dog fight. Thanks to a Good Samaritan and a caring shelter team, she pulled through — but now she’s been waiting for a home for more than two years! She gets along extremely well with other dogs and endears herself to all who get to know her, but she’s terribly, painfully shy. She needs your help!

When a man showed up at Danbury Animal Welfare Society in Connecticut with a dog who had clearly been torn apart with what appeared to be dog fighting injuries, the shelter staff rushed her to a local emergency clinic. After the clinic stabilized her, the shelter’s veterinary team performed surgery and were able to close most of her terrible wounds. I apologize for these graphic photos, but I want you to see why Charit needs your help:

charitysurgery     charitysurgery2

Even nursed back to health, however, her struggles weren’t over. She faced a 6-month quarantine at the shelter because her rabies vaccine status was unknown.

During that time, her timid, sweet nature endeared her to the staff and volunteers. When she emerged from her quarantine, it turned out that despite her frightening past, she loved other dogs, too.

With the support of the staff and volunteers at the shelter, Charity’s emotional wounds have also begun to heal. She used to be terrified of strangers and of the car, but as her circle of friends has grown, so has her ability to enjoy life. She can happily ride in the car and go out in public. Here she is today:

charitycape     charityfacecrop

Unfortunately, because she slightly resembles a pit bull terrier mix, and because her timidity makes it easy for potential adopters to overlook her, she’s been waiting for a home nearly two years now.

I’ve been asked by our friends at the Shelter Pet Project to reach out and ask if anyone can bring this beloved dog into their family. So often these long-stay dogs have trouble with other dogs, but that’s not her issue. She’s just very timid, and doesn’t make a good first impression. If the deep bond her caregivers have with her is anything to go by (and it is), the second impression is pretty powerful!

If you want to know more about Charity or would like to consider making her part of your family, please email! In the area is probably best, but transport is possible to the right home.

And spread the word — this special girl is certainly worth a share!