The Becker Family Quin'C Memorial Scholarship - Dr. Marty Becker

The Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship

In February of 2017, we lost a beloved family member: Our senior dog, Quin’C.

Despite his years, we had only spent a few months together. My wife, Teresa, and my daughter, Mikkel, met him at the MCC-Maple Woods Veterinary Technician Program in Kansas City, where they were giving a presentation to the veterinary nursing students on Fear Free approaches to caring for pets.

This program takes in pets from shelters, gives them medical and behavioral care, then finds them loving homes. Quin’C had ended up in the local shelter after being hit by a car. He was bumped and bruised and battered, but the students gave him love and care.

Teresa, normally a “little dog” person, fell deeply in love with Quin’C. When she came home, she asked if we could adopt him, and of course, I said yes. Getting him to us in Idaho was logistically complicated, but we worked on it with the nursing students. During that time, two things happened.

One, Quin’C was diagnosed with cancer, and two, he formed a deep bond with another dog in the program, Quill’N. She was a very shy, formerly abused dog who was only happy and comfortable with him. He seemed to love her, too, and despite his age, would play with her and no one else. Of course, we said we’d still adopt Quin’C despite his diagnosis, and we’d take Quill’N as well.

Four of the students brought the two dogs to meet our son, Lex, and me in South Dakota — the halfway mark. The hand-off was joyous. Our first Christmas together was, too. Quin’C was the perfect senior gentleman: Loving, trusting, gentle. He fulfilled every promise that Teresa saw in him when they met at Maple Woods. We couldn’t have been happier he became part of our family. Quill’N, too, blossomed at our ranch, enjoying — probably for the first time — hours spent running and playing in the beautiful outdoors.

After the holidays, we took Quin’C to see the veterinary oncologists at Washington State University, where we got bad news: The cancer had spread everywhere, and the best we could hope for was a few months.

We gave Quin’C all the love and fun and spoiling we could. The ice cream cone he’s eating in the photo above was the least of it! And when his discomfort grew too great, we gave him the greatest gift of all and set him free.

In honor of the love we felt for this beautiful dog, and the great compassion shown by the veterinary nursing students who cared for him and brought him to us, we’ve created the Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship, designed to fund the education of students who intend to use their skills to help homeless pets and to ease the fear, anxiety, and stress of all animals receiving veterinary care.

The cost of educating one veterinary nurse throughout her or his education is $12,000. We seeded this fund with a $1,000 donation, and are asking that you help us with a contribution of your own.

We cannot have Quin’C back, but we can help create more angels like the students who cared for him with such compassion. Please join us!

You can donate here, and enter “Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship” in the space for the fund name.

You can also mail a check made out to the MCC Foundation, and in the notes mention directed to the Becker Family Quin’C Memorial Scholarship at:

MCC Foundation
3200 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111

Thank you, friends!

Dr. Marty and Teresa Becker
And all the Animals of Almost Heaven Ranch

A message from Teresa Becker:

Quin’C gets the news he’s going to be a Becker:

Meeting Quin’C, Quill’N, and their veterinary nursing student angels in South Dakota: