Help get justice for Kenai and Osar, Idaho dogs shot in front of their owners' eyes - Dr. Marty Becker


Help get justice for Kenai and Osar, Idaho dogs shot in front of their owners’ eyes

Sunday, Jun 7th, 2015 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Friends, can you help get justice for Kenai and Osar, two dogs shot in front of their owners’s eyes?

When Lisa and Jim Rosauer were walking their dogs Osar and Kenai near where I live in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, the last thing they expected was to see their dogs suddenly drop in front of them, shot by a teenager who claims he mistook them for wolves.

The two dogs were brought to North Idaho Animal Hospital, where I practice as a veterinarian. Five-year-old Kenai died of her wounds. Osar, who is a 14-year-old Labrador/Malamute mix, was wounded but survived.

This story was reported in the media both locally and nationally. According to these reports, the boy was encouraged by his father to shoot the “wolves,” who were walking with their owners on a public road two months after the close of wolf hunting season in Idaho.

Shortly after I posted the news story, I received an email from the team at NIAH saying Jim and Lisa wanted help spreading the word about this terrible tragedy, and seeking justice for Kenai and Osar.

I reached out to Lisa, who told me she wanted two things. One, public support for her efforts to see the shooter brought to some kind of justice and prevent a tragedy like this from happening again, and two, to set the record straight on some erroneous information in the news account.

Lisa says she and Jim were walking Kenai and Osar down a public road. They were only 15 feet away from their dogs. The road was not curved, and the shooter could easily have hit them instead of, or as well as, the dogs.

Whatever your feelings about hunting, pro or con, I’m sure you agree that shooting wolves out of season on a public road in the direction of two other people is dangerous and illegal. Jim is himself a hunter, and while I don’t hunt or allow hunting on my land, I know responsible hunters would never act this way.

Lisa asked that you email the prosecutor at and respectfully ask for a full investigation and prosecution of the shooting. Lisa requests you specifically say you believe this action needs to be punished and ask for an animal cruelty charge. Please be polite and calm.

Osar is recovering from his wounds, but Lisa and Jim’s hearts may never recover from seeing their beloved dogs felled by gunfire just feet away from them. I am praying for Osar’s recovery, for comfort for Lisa and Jim, and that Kenai rest in peace. I hope you join me.


Lisa asked that supporters and friends read her words here and share them, as well.