This little puppy tumbles as he travels - and he needs your help to find a home! - Dr. Marty Becker


This little puppy tumbles as he travels – and he needs your help to find a home!

Thursday, Mar 2nd, 2017 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Who doesn’t love a puppy’s clumsy, tumbling attempts to learn how to walk and make his legs all work together? Could you love a little guy who will be like that forever?

Petey was found abandoned in a box when he was just a tiny baby. He came to the Sacramento SPCA in California as a very sick little puppy. He was cold, emaciated, and unable to walk.

Thanks to the lifesaving care he received from the shelter he survived, and went into a foster home to grow up until he was old enough to be adopted. He’s four months old now, has gotten bigger, and is healthy and strong. He’s loving and lovable, a delight to be around, always wanting to play and have his tummy rubbed.

But Petey has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, and he can only go a few crawling steps before he falls right over. This condition is not progressive, and dogs who have it live normal lifespans. While it’s not curable, with tender loving care his ability to get around will improve.

This little guy has bouts of zoomies sometimes, and tries to run and wiggle around, so a cart would go a long way toward letting him be a normal, happy dog. He is a sweet, sweet boy who loves to be hugged, and adores his foster mom’s little girl. He’s a champion napper, and is learning to potty outdoors — so in short, he’s pretty much a champion everything!

Petey is counting on you to share him, pray for him, and help him find the home he deserves.

Please contact his foster mom, Lizz at if you can help, or have more questions. And spread the word in every way you can!

Thank you, my dear friends!