Small indulgences: Little things that mean a lot - Dr. Marty Becker


Small indulgences: Little things that mean a lot

Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2012 | By Dr. Marty Becker

I woke up this morning and put on a new pair of socks. Unless I’m in a suit or wearing khacki pants, I almost always wear while athletic socks. They last a long time but after awhile the heel and soles get thin and the elastic at the top gets weakened and they don’t feel as good. For Christmas I got some plush new athletic socks from Fox River, and when I put them on and slipped my feet into my slippers it felt as if I were walking on clouds. A spa treatment for my feet.¬† Ahhhhhh…

It got me to thinking about the little things in life that give disproportionate benefit or pleasure. What futuruist Faith Popcorn calls “small indulgences.” For me, it’s a new pair of athletic socks, a cup of Cardamon Cinnamon tea from The Republic of Tea, flannel winter sheets topped with a goose down comforter (with the furnace turned off in the bedroom) so you snuggle in tight, discovering a great new movie like “Buck” or a powerful book such as “Until Tuesday.” Yes, probably like most of you I’m drawn to animal stories. Also, learning something new (most recently how to effortlessly open a Ziploc bag). Getting a card or call from a long time or long lost friend. Having a patient that shouldn’t have made it go home to get belly rubs for a few more years, or a longtime shelter pet move from the cage to the couch.

I know for my wife, Teresa, that she cherishes a new devotional book or attending a church with powerful preachers teaching from the Bible, My daughter, Mikkel, feels indulged with a Starbuck’s fat-free mocha extra-hot, private dates with mom or dad, or tubing with her 2-year-old daughter, Reagan, who’s discovering high-mountain snows for the first time. My son, Lex, treasures exploring a new area of Japan, meeting friends from around the world and finding a new fashion that doesn’t feature logos like A&F or Polo.

What are your small indulgences?