Two recent books to make people better pet owners - Dr. Marty Becker


Two recent books to make people better pet owners

Thursday, Mar 20th, 2014 | By Dr. Marty Becker

PetConnBooksMarch2014From my writing partner, Kim Campbell Thornton, in this week’s Pet Connection:

In more than 30 years of pet ownership, I’ve nursed a lot of animals: a diabetic cat, a greyhound with bone cancer, an old cat with kidney disease, dogs with congestive heart failure, a puppy with a scratched cornea and more. Everything I know, I learned the hard way.

During each of their illnesses, my animals were cared for by the best veterinarians, but once I got them home from the hospital, I sure could have used “The Feel Better Book For Cats & Dogs” (CreateSpace, December 2013). Written by certified veterinary technician Randi E. Golub, this independently published paperback covers every conceivable care situation a pet owner might encounter, from how to give medications and administer subcutaneous fluids to caring for senior pets and making end-of-life decisions.

“As a cat mom myself, I know it is often frightening and confusing when pets are ill,” Golub says. “People want to do the very best for them but often feel helpless and occasionally frustrated. I want to give my readers tips on how to get medication into a pet with a minimum of stress for everyone, how to keep ill pets clean and comfortable, and how to get them to eat. I also wanted to offer support to people who are dealing with an ill or elderly pet, as this can be an emotional and exhausting time for a caretaker.”

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