A senior dog named Thor has been waiting a year and a half for a home - Dr. Marty Becker


A senior dog named Thor has been waiting a year and a half for a home

Tuesday, Jul 25th, 2017 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Few things make me sadder than seeing a senior dog in a shelter – especially when they’ve been there for months or even years. That’s the story with Thor, a mighty dog who is 7 years old and has spent the last year and a half of his life in the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Wantagh, New York.

Thor is a lovely, sweet dog with the classic “wiggle butt,” and this is what his friends at the shelter have to say about him:

Thor was abandoned by his family at the shelter in February 2016 because someone moving in had allergies.

Watching Thor sit in his kennel is heartbreaking because he so desperately craves love and affection. At the shelter, you will find him pressing himself up against the bars hoping a someone will stop and give him scratches.

Thor is about 7 years old and an easy going guy. Outside of his kennel he is smiley, his tail is always wagging, and he loves to play Fetch! Thor has gained weight living at the shelter so he is looking for an adopter who will help him get some exercise and shed those extra pounds. A fenced yard to play ball in would be amazing for Thor. After living in the shelter for a 1.5 years, Thor’s adopter needs to give him patience to decompress and adjust.

You can learn more on Thor’s Facebook page, Adopt Thor.

The phone at the shelter has the number 516-785-5220 – let’s get it ringing off the hook! And please, share this with your friends and family.  You never know who might have a Thor-shaped hole in their heart!