Two dogs have lived in empty house for 7 months since owner died. Can you help them? - Dr. Marty Becker


Two dogs have lived in empty house for 7 months since owner died. Can you help them?

Wednesday, Oct 19th, 2016 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Spring and Ernie’s mother, an animal rescuer and pit bull advocate in New Jersey, died unexpectedly in March of 2016. Her two beloved senior rescue dogs, Spring and Ernie, found themselves living alone in her vacant house, likely the only home they have every known, with caregivers visiting them. They’ve been waiting for seven months, and now the home is going on the rental market.

FernDog Rescue has been working hard to find them a home together for all this time, but are now reluctantly willing to place them separately. Spring and Ernie get along perfectly with each other – indeed, they’re deeply bonded. However, they would otherwise need to be only pets in the family, although Spring may be able to live with the right dog.

I shared these two precious dogs before, as did many others, but despite some interest, none of the potential adopters worked out. (The rescue group wants you to know that they are not being overly restrictive; mostly, the reasons had to do with housing restrictions and other issues that simply couldn’t be worked out.) This is what they had to say about the two dogs:

Spring and Ernie are the beloved dogs of a fellow dedicated rescuer, shelter volunteer, and pit bull advocate who passed away suddenly in March of 2016. She left behind her two pit bull babies, Spring and Ernie, middle-aged dogs who have now lost their mom and are at-risk of losing their home. Their mother’s family is desperate to find them a home, and we are courtesy posting them and screening applications to help them reach that goal as this story has broken our hearts and we at FernDog want to do everything we can to help!

Spring is an (approximately) 7-year-old white pretty pittie with light brown spots. She weighs about 50 lbs. Spring loves all people (although has not been around very young children), and is social with other dogs. Spring should not go to a home with cats.

Ernie is an (approximately) 9 year old gorgeous brindle guy with a white chest. He weighs about 50 lbs. Ernie loves all people (although he has not been around very young children) and Ernie adores Spring and is bonded to her, but is not social with other dogs. Ernie should not go to a home with cats.

Both dogs have cropped ears from their prior life, before their mama rescued them.

These two dogs have suffered enough. Please spread the word about them, and consider offering them a home yourself if you can. You can email to find out more, or fill out an adoption application on the FernDog website.

Here is their late owner’s sister, talking about the two dogs and what they meant to her sister: