Meet my new Grand-dog, Indiana Bones! - Dr. Marty Becker


Meet my new Grand-dog, Indiana Bones!

Friday, Feb 23rd, 2018 | By Dr. Marty Becker


Our family has been dwindling as we’ve lost several beloved dogs in the last year. But now the extended Becker animal clan is growing again… welcome our new Grand-dog, Indiana Bones, who has joined our daughter, Mikkel’s, family!

Indy is a precious little guy, and has Mikkel’s whole family wrapped around his paw — even our Grand-Pug, Willy. Mikkel says our son-in-law, Ben, is “smitten by him.” And of course, our Granddaughter, Reagan, adores him.

Mikkel reports that Indy slept through his first night right next to Willy, and didn’t make a peep. She said this, which I love:

I put Indy in his crate momentarily while I grabbed better rain boots for our frequent potty breaks outside. When I came back in Indy had been whining a little, since it had been us just hanging out and playing for hours.

Indy and ReaganWilly was sitting right by his bed next to him. and sat there the entire time so I could run up and grab more supplies. Willy comforted him so well that Indy was happy and settled as long as his big brother was there.

Willy has been showing Indy the ropes about where to potty, too, and has been very patient and tells him nicely he needs space when Indy tries to chomp his little piranha teeth into him to play. I’ve been watching is to make sure Willy feels lots of love and support, too. He gets treated or praised anytime he is being calm and patient with the energetic little puppy. He seems to like him and almost immediately tried to play with him.

I’m so proud of Willy for being such a great role model and friend to his new little brother.