Why the perfect pet isn't the youngest pet - Dr. Marty Becker


Why the perfect pet isn’t the youngest pet

Wednesday, Mar 18th, 2015 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Like fine wine (and people!), cats get better with age!

There’s no denying kittens are adorable. They’re frisky little balls of fuzz that brighten many lives. But each year when kitten season rolls around, it becomes difficult for shelters to place adults cats into loving homes – even when a fully grown feline would be a better fit.

Kittens require extra patience to integrate them into family life. You must make sure you have plenty of time for play to work off all sorts of kitten energy.  Kittens also need time to be trained properly. They should be climbing cat trees, not your curtains!

Adult cats can make wonderful companions and you know what you’re getting. You can speak to shelter or rescue volunteers to learn about the cat’s activity level, health, and background.  They may be able to tell you whether the cat ever lived in a home with children or other pets.  You can also find out if the cat is a social kitty who loves to cuddle, or the type that prefers some gentle pats and a little alone time.

The perfect pet isn’t necessarily the youngest pet. It’s the animal that best matches your lifestyle, and often that animal will be a fully grown cat.

Plus, adult cats are pretty adorable, too!