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Petmate helps shine light into darkness for Idaho dog lover stricken with repeated loss

It takes a village to save a dog lover, and it helps when you have friends like Petmate to help!

I recounted the story below to a friend who works at Petmate, and was incredibly moved at what happened next. Here’s the story:

Teresa has a dear friend, Mark, who has suffered so many tragedies in his life and yet continued to give so much of his time to others. He had a partner who became very ill, and Mark took time from his work as a designer to be with Ron constantly to care for him.

When Ron died, Mark went into a deep depression that lasted a couple of years. Mark’s sister then developed cancer, and Mark quit his job in Miami and came to Bonners Ferry, Idaho, to take care of her. She passed around one year ago.

Mark bought a house here and began working on it with his brother, Eric, who had a sudden heart attack and died while they were working together. Now Mark is living with and caring for his elderly mother.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMark was so lonely, and he loves dogs.  When a dog who would be just the right fit for him and his mother became available for adoption, Teresa and I knew we had to bring them together. The sweet dog’s name was Mavis, and she belonged to an elderly woman who had passed away.

Because Mark and his mom are in a tough economic situation, Teresa and I arranged for the adoption and are taking care of any medical expenses.

I shared this story with our great good friends at Petmate, and it turns out they literally showered little Mavis with a cornucopia of toys, supplies, and a snuggly dog bed just for her.

I can’t imagine facing a difficult, lonely time in my life without the love of a dog by my side. I’m so glad Mark and his mother won’t have to — and that little Mavis isn’t alone anymore!

Thank you, Petmate, for your generosity! We know Mavis and Mark are grateful!

Note: I have no commercial relationship with Petmate and this is not a sponsored post.




Near my hometown of Bonners Ferry, Idaho? This ‘Boo!’ is for you!

To my friends and neighbors, and anyone planning a trip to northern Idaho during October: You have a chance to have a scary lot of fun and help our community’s homeless pets at the same time!

Second Chance Animal Adoption, the shelter where I adopted my beloved Gracie, is holding its fifth annual Howloween Town at the Animal Shelter & Thrift Store grounds on Friday, October 28, Saturday, October 29, and Monday, October 31, from 5:30-9 pm. The event will be fun for the whole family, and includes:

  • Skits, music, and story telling
  • Revamped haunted house and maze
  • Boardwalk of games
  • Teresa and me dressed as squirrels on Saturday and Halloween nights (seriously!)

I know most of you aren’t from northern Idaho or we’d see a lot more people around town, but it’s a great event and a great cause. If you can, please come and have wicked fun with us!

It’s a Bonners Ferry Halloween to help children, pets!

To my friends in the Bonners Ferry community,

Can you join Second Chance Animal Adoption in making some Halloween magic for the children of Bonners Ferry while helping our community’s homeless pets at the same time?

We’re blessed to live in the Crown Jewel of the Gem State, the “Friendliest Town” in Idaho. It’s a small town where everybody knows your name, fundraisers punch above their weight, you can’t walk for exercise because people keep wanting to pick you up and give you a lift, and new residents learn to wave hello to strangers. But there are limitations to living in a small town, and that’s why we need your help.

Other than outdoor activities, there’s not a lot for children, teens, and families to do here. The Rex Theater remains closed, we don’t have a year-round pool, and there’s no meeting place for junior high students or teens outside of school.

To help remedy that and provide a fun, exciting, safe annual event, Second Chance Animal Adoption is holding its fifth annual Halloween event at the Animal Shelter & Thrift Store grounds on Friday, October 28, Saturday, October 29, and Monday, October 31.

There are special times for younger children featuring stories and games, and extra-amped-up scary times for those teens and brave adults who like their skin to crawl. There is no charge for admission, but we do accept donations. All proceeds help us to give a second chance to the homeless pets of Bonners Ferry.

Would your business consider a donation to our 2016 Howloween Town event? Sponsors will be listed in all signage and promotional materials, and recognized at the event and on any media where appropriate and possible.

Working together, we can make this event bigger and better, something that will even bring people into town from neighboring areas in Northern Idaho, Montana, and Creston, B.C. We promise the animals will be grateful!

Here’s a list of sponsorship opportunities:

  • $1500 – Diamond
  • $1000- Emerald
  • $ 750 – Ruby
  • $ 500- Sapphire
  • $250 – Pearl
  • Sustaining

Meet the Rockey Burkholder Business Challenge with a Diamond Sponsorship!

An anonymous businessperson has pledged a $1,500 matching challenge for businesses that sponsor the event! He made the donation in honor of Teresa’s brother, Rockey Burkholder, saying Rockey had always been very good to him when he was a little boy growing up here in Bonners Ferry. Meet the challenge and turn $1,500 into $3,000!

You can donate to the general fund or sponsor a specific area or activity such as:

  1. Games Area
  2. Treats
  3. Food for Volunteers
  4. An 8’ booth on the Board Walk – Created and manned by you! (6 available.)
  5. Construction

All of us in Boundary County know what an amazing region it is. Let’s create memories for our children that they’ll treasure long after their children have children! With your help, we can do it!

Please contact Mila Cousins at 208-276-9427 or milasue62@gmail.com with any questions, and let her know you’re on board the Howloween Town Express on behalf of our community, its children, and its pets in need!

Dr. Marty Becker