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Fear Free Friday: A soothing deal for pets and pet lovers

Music can be magical to stressed-out pets. Studies have found classical music, easy rock, and reggae — along with audiobooks — are most pets’ favorite sounds. Most Fear Free veterinary practitioners, including me, are big fans of soothing music made specifically for pets. That’s why I’m glad to share with you that on Friday, April 6, you can get 20 percent off any Pet Tunes or Ultra Calmer product from Pet Acoustics.

The Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker is pre-loaded with science-based music, clinically proven to reduce stress and calm pet behaviors. Pet Tunes can ease separation anxiety, noise phobias, and thunderstorm fears, and is portable for grooming, veterinary visits, training, and travel.

The Ultra Calmer Collar is a stress relief sonic collar for dogs suffering from anxiety triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks, and noise phobias. At the first sign of agitation, clip on the collar and help your dog’s stress symptoms diminish and your dog settle into a state of calm.

These two products are the latest Fear Free Friday deal, which you can unlock by joining our Fear Free Happy Homes website — it’s free!

How does it work?

This deal will go live at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on April 6, 2018. To redeem the offer:

  1. Be sure you are a member of Fear Free Happy Homes (if you aren’t, join here!) and be sure you’re logged in.
  2. Go to the Pet Acoustics deal page any time between until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, April 6, 2018.
  3. During that window, a promo code and link to purchase will appear in the red button on the page.

That’s all it takes to make soothing music a part of your pet’s life. Learn more and unlock the deal at Fear Free Happy Homes!


Pet Acoustics deal


Let your indoor cat ‘hunt’ for her food

As we raise our little indoor kitty, Talley, we’re constantly working to make sure she has plenty of opportunities to climb, perch up high, run, play, jump, and have the experiences that are the genetic legacy of the cat. One of our favorite tools is using food puzzles and games to feed her (and all our pets!), helping create the excitement and mental challenge of the hunting experience.

Thanks to veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales, there’s a new food toy that recreates that hunt experience better than any food puzzle or game I’ve ever tried. It’s called the Indoor Hunting Feeder, and it’s from Doc & Phoebe’s.

Here’s how Dr. Bales describes it:

Cats are born hunters. In nature, cats spend 80% of their waking hours hunting for food. Nature made a cat’s stomach the size of a ping-pong ball – the size of a mouse. Cats are programmed to hunt, catch and play with at least 5 small meals a day. Hunting is your cat’s natural, physical and mental exercise. Bowl feeding is overfeeding your cat’s body, while leaving its predatory soul starved.

The indoor hunting feeder replicates your cat’s natural feeding behavior. You fill and hide all 5 mice once a day. Now your cat gets to recreate the seeking circuit. Your cat will hunt, catch and play with it’s “prey” before eating an appropriate amount of food at least 5 times a day, just like nature intended.

Veterinary science has long known that cats need to hunt for their food for their physical and mental health. Bowl feeding is making our cats bored, stressed and sick. These bowl-created problems are making our cats act out – with scarf and barf, urinating outside of the litter box, aggressive and destructive behavior and even waking us up at night to be fed.

As a veterinarian, it makes me sad to see so many bored, under-exercised, over-fed cats — way too many of whom I’d describe as “purring, fur-covered sofa cushions.” On Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, for just 24 hours, you can turn that around by taking advantage of a 20 percent discount on the feeder. You have to be signed up for my Fear Free Happy Homes program (it’s free!) to unlock the deal.

Find out more and sign up here — and tell your cat-owning friends and family!

Indoor cat hunting feeder

Who’s a good dog? Yours, after you try the very first Fear Free Friday deal

Fear Free has been the most important cause I’ve worked for during my nearly 40 years as a veterinarian. I started it out as something for other veterinary professionals, but I quickly realized this had to be an equal partnership with our patients’ humans or it wouldn’t work.

That’s why we recently launched a “sneak preview” of our Fear Free Happy Homes program to my readers and those who follow Fear Free on Facebook. Tomorrow, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, we’re opening up our first Fear Free Friday deal: A discounted subscription to family-centered dog training and activities from  Good Dog in a Box:

Good Dog in a Box is a monthly subscription of reward-based dog training tools and games, delivered to your house and your computer, for families with dogs and kids ages 5 to 12.

Each month you get a delivery from the US Postal Service at your house that includes a dog training tool, basic dog training exercises that are kid friendly, games and activities, dog bite prevention lessons, and information on how to be a responsible dog owner. You also get monthly deliveries to your computer and app of each of our dog training exercises in a fun, video that shows kids with a professional dog trainer practicing each training exercise that’s in the box.

Our program promotes positive reinforcement training, Tellington T-Touch, dog safety, teamwork, trust, listening skills, and responsibility. Available in a month-to-month, six month, or twelve month subscription in a lite and full version, starting at just $11.89 a month with your Fear Free Friday discount!

You’ll also be able to get the same discount on everything on the site, including their Calm Dog in a Box.

To be able to view the deal, you need to register for the site, which is free. After that, you can unlock the deal here at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Friday, Sept. 1.

You’ll want to sign up quickly, however, because the deal is only open for 24 hours. If you miss it, don’t worry — a new deal will open up on Oct. 6, featuring an amazing offer from Sleepypod, manufacturer of award-winning and safety-certified pet travel and sleep accessories.

There’s plenty of great information to help you and your pets live happy, healthy lives — training tips, resources to prevent and deal with anxiety in your pets, opportunities to make your home more enriching for your pets. Please visit www.fearfreehappyhomes.com and see what we have to make your pets’ lives better today.