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Talley Becker

Remember Me Thursday: Inspire change for pets in need on Sept. 27!

The most powerful inspiration to get people to adopt is the pets themselves! That’s why I’m asking you to once again help homeless pets with a simple social media post.

If we all share our rescue pets with #RememberMeThursday, we will inspire the world to find forever families for every pet who needs one.

Be a light for rescue pets on Thursday, Sept. 27.

To learn more about #RememberMeThursday, visit www.remembermethursday.org.

Quill'N Becker

QT and Quixote


Remember Me Thursday: Honoring the joy an adopted pet can bring

Last year at this time, we were eagerly waiting to  welcome yet another adopted pet into our home. We only had Quin’C for a few short months before cancer took him — a cancer we knew he had before we adopted him. A decision we wouldn’t change no matter what!

We also lost another adopted canine family member, sweet 14-year-old Quora. We had a dog lifetime with her, and she gave us so much joy that not even the pain of loss can stop us from adopting again — we’re about to bring an orphaned kitten named Punk’N Lunk’N into the “pack”!

These experiences are why Teresa and I feel powerfully moved to ask you to participate in Remember Me Thursday on Sept. 28.

This is an annual event asking everyone who has ever loved a pet to lend your voices to support pets in shelters and rescue groups right now, by finding a pet and sharing him or her on your social media, tagged with #RememberMeThursday and #RememberTheRescue. You can search for pets near you at www.theshelterpetproject.org.

We’d also like to ask you to share photos and/or stories of your own adopted pets and the joy they’ve brought to your lives here, and to share any of these social media ideas and invite others to share the light and beauty of pet adoption on Remember Me Thursday. And be sure to tag your rescue pet’s photo on Twitter or Instagram with #RememberTheRescue +#RememberMeThursday for a chance to win life-saving funds and food for a pet adoption organization you love!

They give us so much. Please give back today.