Dr. Becker's top ten cat products and sure-to-be bestsellers of 2014 - Dr. Marty Becker


Dr. Becker’s top ten cat products and sure-to-be bestsellers of 2014

Friday, Jan 17th, 2014 | By Dr. Marty Becker

After a year-long search of veterinary conferences and trade shows, endless quizzing of my Facebook followers, friends, clients, and colleagues, and some old-fashioned gut-checking, I select my final top ten for cats, and for dogs.

Here are my top ten pick products for cats, including some new ones I think will really take off in 2014. Enjoy, and let me know if you’ve tried any of them in the comments!

Top Ten for Cats:

Satisfying cats’ natural instinct to hunt prey, the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit is an electronic concealed motion toy that replicates the mesmerizing movement of hidden prey.  As the mouse scurries around underneath the mat, cats can bat and pounce for endless playtime and exercise:


No scaredy cats here! We all know pets can get fearful and anxious at times, and to help keep cats calm, the new ThunderShirt for Cats uses gentle hugging to calm pets.The gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most pets who are anxious, fearful or overexcited and to wrap cats in the shirt, simply lay it over cat’s back and secure with chest and torso straps:

Thundershirt cat

Owners can feel good about cleaning up after pets with PetKeeper Secrets Pet Odor & Stain Remover, featuring 100% nontoxic materials completely safe for humans and pets. The hypoallergenic mineral-based solution removes stains and odors, instead of just masking them, and can be used on hard or soft surfaces:

PetKeeper stain and odor

What cat wouldn’t want to lounge around in style? A stylish hammock for feline friends to rest their paws, the Kitty Lounger Mini Cat Hammock by Peach Industries includes a soft cotton washable cover that simply slips over the birch plywood frame and its low profile design makes the lounger easy for pets to step in and out of:

Kitty Lounger

The multi-purpose New Age Pet Litter Loo box cover and end table is a stylish and sensible way to camouflage your cat’s unsightly litter box. City dwellers and urban cat owners, just don’t have the space to hide away the litter box, but with the Litter Loo, all is hidden and smell is enclosed.  Constructed from recycled, ecoFLEX material, the Litter Loo features a fold-down front door for easy cleaning and is resistant to moisture, warping, cracking and splitting so the smell simply doesn’t absorb:

New Age Pet litter loo

Putting an extra pep in your cat’s step, Refillable Cat Nip Toys by Ethical Products feature Velcro openings to easily refill catnip, and are available in a variety of characters including sea creatures, insects and fleece animals:

Ethical Products cat nip toys

Keeping feline friends active and entertained, the interactive Nina Ottosson Mix Max Puzzle allows owners to hide treats and mix and match interlocking boards for cats to work their way through to get to the hidden rewards:

Nina Ottosson cat puzzle

feline friends with the Eco Carrier by Wacky Paws. Made of eco-friendly materials, the carriers are collapsible for easy storage, feature a slotted paw print for added ventilation and a built-in water bottle to keep on-the-go cats hydrated:

Wacky Paws

Simple, effective and safe for pets and our planet, the Litter One Biodegradable Litter self contained kit features 100% biodegradable pine pellet cat litter to trap urine odor, sets up in less than one minute and includes a disposable scoop and bags:

Litter One

Providing cats with long-lasting entertainment and catnip fun, SuperCat Catnip Stickers by Quaker Pet Group burst bubbles of catnip scent when cats scratch or rub against the stickers. Place on just about any surface such as floors, walls, scratching posts or beds and watch cats have at it:

SuperCat catnip stickers