Dr. Becker's top ten dog products and sure-to-be bestsellers of 2014 - Dr. Marty Becker


Dr. Becker’s top ten dog products and sure-to-be bestsellers of 2014

Thursday, Jan 16th, 2014 | By Dr. Marty Becker

All year long, I search veterinary conferences and trade shows. I ask my Facebook followers, clients, and friends. I ask dozens of industry leaders to give me their feedback. I ask my team members to share their favorite pet products of the year with me. And then I select my final top ten for dogs, and for cats.

Here are my top ten pick products, including some new ones I think will really take off in 2014. Enjoy, and let me know if you’ve tried any of them in the comments!

Top Ten for Dogs:

Take small dogs along for the ride with Kurgo’s Skybox Bike Basket, featuring an interior tether to keep pups safely strapped in, two handles and a simple one-step handlebar attachment to easily secure or remove the basket. Basket includes pockets for storage and universally fits most mountain or cruiser-style bikes:

Kurgo Bike Basket

Identifying pet’s health conditions with universally known medical symbols and text, Alarm Charms feature a unique ID number to document pet’s medical condition and vital contact information via the Internet:

Alarm Charms

More crash and safety testing was conducted on dog harnesses in 2013 than in all previous years combined. SleepyPod Clickit Utility, named the 2013 Top Performing Pet Safety Harness in a Subaru, Inc. and Center for Pet Safety collaborative study, features three points of attachment to absorb force in a frontal collision and keep pets in the car seat during an impact. ClickIt can also be used in the cargo area and includes a D-ring on the back for use as a walking harness:

Sleepy Pod

Might just be more fun for the owner than the pet! Keep pets active and entertained with an invigorating game of fetch with the Hyper Pet K9 Kannon. The easy-to-use ball launcher shoots balls up to 100 feet and features hands-free ball pick up and a storage space for extra tennis balls:

Hyper Pet k-9 Kannon

And breakthroughs were made in medicine and veterinary care too, not just at home play and care. The OraStrip QuickCheck Canine is the first detection and monitoring device to provide early detection of disease invisible below the gumline and delivers quick, clear results within 10 seconds. Can be used in exam rooms on an awake dog or under anesthesia:


Allowing veterinarians to keep an extra close eye on patients, the Heyrex Collar monitors and collates data related to dog’s behavior throughout the day including exercise levels, scratching, sleep quality and other behavioral or health issues. Wireless technology transmits data from collar to receiver, sending automatic notifications when behavior changes, improves or indicates health problems:


A revolution in pet health, Revitamal is an anti-aging liquid supplement that immediately begins a process of rejuvenation and helps pets become increasingly enthusiastic about play, interaction and activities they love. Suitable for pets of all sizes, owners can simply add once daily to pet’s food:

Revitamal product[2]

Rapidly and safely controlling bothersome itching and inflammation among pets at least 12 months of age, APOQUEL, developed by Zoetis, provides fast-acting relief from itching and inflammation for the millions of dogs that suffer from short- and long-term allergic skin conditions, without many of the side effects commonly associated with steroids. This prescription-only tablet is planned to hit the veterinary market in early 2014:

Apoquel logo

Any pet owners knows dogs love the feel and sound of squeaky toys, but enduring the high-pitched sound in the middle of the night can drive any pet-parent crazy! The ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY! toys by Quaker Pet Group are tuned to an ultrasonic range only dogs can hear and are available in multiple designs and characters:

Hear Doggy

Now we can finally keep our pets from getting into each other’s kibble. The WonderBowl Selective Feeder by OurPet’s opens only for the pet wearing a unique tag (included). With multiple pet ownership higher than ever before, the bowl is ideal for multi-pet households and pets on special diets. Simply attach the tag to your pet’s collar to ensure worry-free selective feeding as the lid opens when the pet approaches:

Wonder BowlCrop