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The easy new way to get a urine sample from a dog

Thursday, Jun 12th, 2014 | By Dr. Marty Becker

PoochiePeeCupI’m always on the lookout for great new pet products at trade shows, and seldom am I stopped in my tracks by a product. The moment I saw the Poochie Pee Cup (I can’t say it without smiling) I stopped and got out my credit card.

In the hierarchy of a veterinary hospital there are high-profile tasks like anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, radiology, and laboratory.

There are important but “dirty” tasks like picking up feces, cleaning surgical instruments and getting urine samples for lab testing. Usually the newest hire is the one stuck following the dog around hoping the dog will go and go quick.

The problem is, pets are nervous when someone is closely following them, and usually demonstrate that by withholding the goods. And just try and get under a Dachshund who has about three squirts worth of urine loaded!

PPC-DevicewCup-Sled-CloseUp-May2014The Poochie Pee Cup (smiling) was invented by a pet owner who had to monitor his dog’s diabetes. Well-designed and constructed, the long telescopic handle can effortlessly collect a sample from up to five feet away. You don’t have to suddenly crouch, bend over, or thrust a container under your own or, worst of all, a strange pet.

Just set the length of the Pee Cup to fit the size of the dog, follow in a relaxed state and when they’re ready for #1, you just place the secured, disposable plastic cup in the urine stream. Voila! You’ve got a clean sample. It’s so fast and easy you can probably also check your cell phone messages without getting caught.

Find out more and order here. And smile!

Top photo is of two of my favorite team members at Lakewood Animal Hopsital in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where I practice.