What treats drive your pets crazy? - Dr. Marty Becker


What treats drive your pets crazy?

Friday, Sep 26th, 2014 | By Dr. Marty Becker

We feed our pets, including our horses, a healthy diet designed to keep them lean and healthy. That doesn’t mean they don’t get treats!

Nearly all pets can have a treat now and then. The maximum should be 10 percent of total caloric intake, although it’s probably smart to keep it well below that, especially if your dog or cat isn’t lean, active, and well-muscled. We’re particularly careful with this for our pit bull/Lab mix, Gracie, as she has a congenital hip deformity that means she needs to keep the pounds off to stay pain-free.

I get a lot of pet treats sent to me for possible review, so we’ve tried just about everything.  Our usual go-to is Zuke’s treats, along with some dental chews, but lately we’ve been spoiling the dogs with the new “Collisions” treats from Purina.

The top favorites at our house: Bacon and cheese, and bacon and ranch. You can see they’ll even dance for them!

What treats do you spoil your pets with? And is bacon involved?