Video: Friendship between dogs is real - Dr. Marty Becker


Video: Friendship between dogs is real

Thursday, Mar 15th, 2018 | By Dr. Marty Becker


I write quite a bit about the power of the bond between people and animals. But there’s another bond: the one between the animals themselves.

We’ve lost several beloved pets in the 14 months, and seeing the impact on our other animals has brought that lesson sadly home to us. Quixote lost his best friend and sister, Quora, and our poor Quill’N lost her friend and brother Quin’C, and then her best pal Gracie, all in less than a year.

But there’s a very happy side to that same story, and it’s beautifully told in this fun and silly video about a Malamute mix named K’eyush and the day his very best friend in all the world, Sheppa, came to visit.

Maybe it was the amazement on his face when his mom said Sheppa’s name. The fact that he recognized Sheppa’s owner’s car when it turned down the road. Or maybe the squeal of joy when he greeted him in the yard.

Whatever it was, it tells us a story about how dogs see themselves as well as other dogs, and the real power of friendship. Good dog, K’eyush!