This dog needs a quiet foster home. Can you help? - Dr. Marty Becker


This dog needs a quiet foster home. Can you help?

Thursday, Oct 25th, 2018 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Lazaruff looking better

Lazaruff continues to get healthier — but he’s not happier. Can you help him?

Teresa and I wish we could get Lazaruff out here to us, but until he finishes his heartworm treatment, that’s not safe or possible. We have been looking high and low for a foster home in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, near enough to Opelousas so he can continue to be in the care of Dr. Kevin Fuselier at Bellevue Animal Clinic.

This dog is really suffering from kennel stress, and is in need of a quiet, peaceful place where a knowledgeable, attentive person can keep him quiet (necessary while his heartworm is treated) and give him the love and attention he needs to adjust to life as a pet – at this point, we honestly don’t care if it’s indoors or as an outdoor pet, as he’s shown a lot of stress in a home setting.

We don’t know if he’s dog aggressive or not, but he has been evaluated by a veterinary behaviorist and we’d make all that information available to the potential foster home. It would be ideal if there were no other pets in the home, but a knowledgeable dog person with good separation and time to work with him in a calm environment would be wonderful, too.

Teresa and I would be willing to provide some compensation in the form of a donation to a rescue group, or directly to the foster, if you were the right situation. Lazaruff is already near and dear to our hearts, and he is truly unhappy living in the hospital kennels. We can’t let this continue, but despite reaching out to just about everyone we can think of, we haven’t been able to get him settled somewhere else.

If you or anyone you know is in the Lafayette area and would like to discuss the possibilities, please email me at

Thank you, and keep Lazaruff in your prayers and thoughts!