Zeus the shelter kitten has had 3 surgeries already, and now he needs a home - Dr. Marty Becker


Zeus the shelter kitten has had 3 surgeries already, and now he needs a home

Tuesday, Dec 11th, 2018 | By Dr. Marty Becker


There are lots of kittens who had a rough start in life. But Zeus has already had three surgeries and two major infections, and he’s not done yet. But first, he needs a home. And for that, he needs all of us.

The rescuers at Texas CARES Cat Rescue reached out to me about a little grey kitten in their care. Zeus is a fun, sweet, happy litle guy, and he had been adopted. Despite being neutered, he began spraying inside the house. It turned out he had a retained testicle, but when the vet tried to remove it, it was wrapped in scar tissue and the surgery couldn’t be completed. He suffered multiple infections after the procedure, and had a very difficult recovery.

He had two more surgeries and one infection before it was suggested they head for a surgical specialist. Before that could happen, however, he developed another urinary tract infection.

Now his caregivers are determined to put more surgery on hold and find Zeus what he needs most: a loving home. They have paid for all his veterinary care so far, and aren’t asking for a penny in donations. They just know that Zeus deserves a family to care for him forever, not a sanctuary or shelter or even a foster home. I agree.

The challenge here is that while Zeus has not sprayed at all when no other pets are present, he does spray when he’s around other cats. So he needs to be an only cat, at least for now. He’s loving and affectionate and sweet, and is not a good candidate for a barn cat placement.

He may be able to have surgery to complete his neuter down the road, but for now he’s going to need dedicated and special care that he’ll pay back with love! Certainly another surgery will cost money, and I promise to help whoever adopts him raise money for that if it’s decided to go down that road.

I know someone out there reading is willing to take on a dear little kitten who has already overcome more than most pets do in their entire lives. Maybe that’s you, or someone you know, or someone who sees this post when you share it. Please be there for Zeus. He needs you today!

To find out more about Zeus, please email adoption@texascares.org.  Thank you for caring about him.