15 easy ways to enrich your indoor cat's life! - Dr. Marty Becker


15 easy ways to enrich your indoor cat’s life!

Wednesday, Feb 3rd, 2016 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Fluffy Cat Plays With A Toy.

I was at a chain pet store the other day and watched people crowding around the cat treat and toy sections. It got me to thinking about all the ways you can enhance your cat’s life for minute or a month. Here are my top 15:

  1. Drop a few frozen ice cubes of tuna juice into the cat’s water bowl.
  2. Buy your cat a water fountain.
  3. Rub a piece of bacon or cheese along a baseboard.
  4. Keep the curtains open in a part of the house that offers a new view.
  5. Get a small aquarium (one with a secure lid!).
  6. Place a mirror on the floor.
  7. Get a new feather toy for the teaser wand.
  8. Go to a garage sale and get a used children’s mobile and place it where the cat can see but not touch.
  9. Take your cat’s food and place it on dishes or plastic lids around the house so they go on a treasure hunt.
  10. Get food puzzles or feed-dispensing devices and use to feed instead of just placing food in a bowl.
  11. Buy your cat a CD of calming music — I recommend Through A Cat’s Ear.
  12. Hide a new toy around the house every month.
  13. Grow some catnip in your garden so kitty always has fresh “Meowi Wowi!”
  14. Grow some wheatgrass in a window where kitty can graze.
  15. Give your cat the gift of physical touch. Spots that cats love include the base of the chin, ears and tail.

Now, how about your tips?