When a dog who needs help is almost family - Dr. Marty Becker


When a dog who needs help is almost family

Monday, Apr 25th, 2016 | By Dr. Marty Becker

I was startled to hear I had a personal connection with a dog in need of help – even though I’d never met her or her human family.


Valentine and her littermates were once in the Panhandle Animal Shelter, just like our own QT Pi and his littermates.

She and her littermates were caught in the same distemper outbreak that nearly took QT’s life, and did take the lives of two of his brothers.

And like our QT, this dear girl was adopted into a family right here in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Most amazingly, when Valentine’s new family was fighting to save the puppy’s  life – and losing that battle – they happened to see on my Facebook page that we had taken QT and his brothers to Washington State University, and while his brothers died, QT was so far surviving.

They literally jumped in the car and took Valentine there, and like QT, this puppy pulled through, even though distemper is usually fatal.

Not only that, but they had two other distemper puppies from that same litter at their house, and all three made it, thanks to round the clock care and thousands of dollars in vet bills. They ended up adopting one of the boys, Gilligan, and fostered the third until he was recovered and found a forever home.

Now Valentine needs help again, and so does her family.


They depleted their savings to save the puppies, but Valentine has hip dysplasia and needs surgery that will cost $4,500.

This is not a procedure I can do, or that can be done at the hospital where I practice. They need a specialist.

So I’m turning to you to help raise the money for Valentine’s surgery.

Will you help write one more happy ending for this sweet girl and the family who has done so much for these dogs?

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Let’s make this happen!