Grants for at-risk older dogs will let them rest their weary bones in happy retirement homes - Dr. Marty Becker


Grants for at-risk older dogs will let them rest their weary bones in happy retirement homes

Thursday, Jul 21st, 2016 | By Dr. Marty Becker

Senior pups have something to wag about this week, as the national nonprofit The Grey Muzzle Organization announces the recipients of its annual grants for animal welfare organizations providing programs for at-risk senior dogs.

Thirty-eight organizations representing 25 states will receive over $225,000 in funding from the group in 2016 to support services, including hospice care for senior dogs who are not adoptable, “Senior for Senior” adoption programs, and medical and dental care. Since 2008, Grey Muzzle has provided over $750,000 in grants to 76 nonprofit organizations in 30 states in support of its “vision of a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.”

“The Grey Muzzle Organization was with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue from the very beginning,” says Sherri Franklin, Executive Director of Muttville, another 2016 grantee. “Without their support we wouldn’t be where we are today, saving more senior dogs than ever!”

This year’s Grey Muzzle Organization grantees include:

  • Tyson’s Place Animal Rescue, a Michigan organization dedicated to helping terminally ill people care for–and ultimately, find homes for–beloved pets like Bosco, a 14-year-old rat terrier mix currently up for adoption.
  • Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii, where dogs like 13-year-old Pono, who recently found his forever home, are treated to therapeutic swimming pool visits as part of their medical care.
  • Austin Pug Rescue, where the breed’s special medical needs are a priority. 11-year-old Ebenezer, who had to have all of his teeth removed due to severe periodontal disease, is now feeling fresh-mouthed and fine!

“One of the most gratifying parts of our work is getting to hear success stories about second chances for dogs in their golden years,” says The Grey Muzzle Organization Executive Director Lisa Lunghofer. “We’re thrilled to help so many deserving organizations give senior dogs the happy endings they deserve.”

The national nonprofit The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters